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Creamy vanilla frozen yogurt topped with fresh tropical fruit served in a plastic takeaway

flavors & toppings

At Tangelo, we take pride in quality and variety to offer you only the premium frozen dessert experience with our always-available and seasonal rotating flavors. We are always exploring new flavors and coming up with fun ways for you to enjoy your treat.

Tangelo caters to all dietary needs, including nonfat, gluten-free, no-sugar added, and dairy-free options.

Tangelo also has a variety of takeaway flavors for you to enjoy at home, or on the go.  We also specialize in frozen cakes made in-house and customized to your tastes with any flavor, mix-ins, and toppings.

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Cake Batter

Cold Brew Coffee

No-sugar Boysenberry

Red Velvet Cake

Watermelon Sorbet

California Tart

Cookies & Cream

No-sugar Cake Batter


Candy Cane

Dulce de Leche

No-sugar Vanilla

Sweet Coconut


Gingerbread Cookie

Orange Sorbet

Tropical Punch


Irish Mint

Pumpkin Spice

Vanilla Bean

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